Children’s Ministry at MCMAC

Dear MCMAC Children Ministry:

I hope you are doing well. In light of the recent concerns in our community about COVID-19, we want you to know that we are working hard to make sure our church family, our friends, and our neighbours are as safe as possible. In compliance with recommendations from Ontario Health officials, our Sunday services will be running ONLINE ONLY. The building will be closed to the public on Sunday.

We encourage you to register on this site. After you register and sign-on, you will be given the details to access to our Children’s Ministry Sunday School material and more videos.

You may also be interested in having youths hear our English Ministry sermons. They will be made available after registering on We are working very hard at adapting to these new circumstances that are presented to us. Let’s continue to pray for one another and find creative ways to care for one another.

Lastly, I want to mention that in the near future that you haven’t downloaded Zoom yet, to do so as it will be the preferred platform to do interactive stuff. I have also set up a page called GIVE for online giving using and instructions how to donate using eTransfer. It is also found on the main if you prefer the instructions in Chinese.

Let me know if you need any pastoral care and prayer as well. Keep in touch, and stay safe and healthy, blessings,
Pastor Jeff
cell: 416-903-8767

To download this PDF click here

To our The Gospel Project for Kids Family,

As the concerns over the Coronavirus have been increasing, many churches have decided to temporarily move to an online platform. In light of this, we want to offer a temporary solution for families to conduct Bible study times at home. Print and digital purchasers of The Gospel Project for Kids have two options:

Permission is granted to post non-music videos and Activity Pages for their church’s use only on a secure and/or closed site. We do ask that churches limit posting each session’s content to one week and remove the content prior to posting the next week’s content. This permission is granted beginning March 12, 2020, and expires May 31, 2020, unless specified otherwise.